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We recognise the importance of a beautiful home and the role it plays in our happiness and wellbeing, which is why we work tirelessly to achieve the highest standards for you, your home, and the world.

We can design, build, and manage the entire process to help you create a better version of your home, whether you want to refurbish one or two rooms or completely renovate your property. Our extensive experience refurbishing Dublin homes means we can design, build, and manage the entire process to help you create a better version of your home. We also collaborate with estate agents and clients looking to sell or rent their property, as well as insurance companies to restore properties after flood or fire damage.

We can handle your project from start to finish because we have a full-time staff of skilled tradespeople on staff, including carpenters, joiners, plumbers, tilers, electricians, and decorators. Our dedicated team of customer service coordinators, project managers, and surveyors assists them.

What We Do

In Dublin, OS Holding has completed numerous renovations and home improvements. Our attention and determination are entirely focused on you, the client. Your satisfaction is what drives us and inspires us to create and renovate the most beautiful spaces.

You can be confident that your home renovation will capture your heart with your vision and our expertise.

If you are looking for home improvements in Dublin and the surrounding areas, OS Holding is the best option. We not only do full house renovations, extensions, and loft conversions, but we also instal brand new kitchens and bathrooms. We can also handle smaller projects like painting and decorating, tiling, and plastering.

Note: Beside using OsHolding as your trusted Builders in Dublin, you can also get benefits from combining House Renovations with Attic Conversion, House Extensions, Kitchen Refurbishments, Bathroom Refurbishment, Painting & Decorating, Floor & Tiling, Bricklaying and House insulation Services. Also you can check our previous works in Gallery & Read about OsHolding Company or Simply contact us.

7 most often asked questions about home renovation, with answers

It’s exciting and even enjoyable to renovate a home, especially if you know what to anticipate beforehand. If you’ve never renovated a home before, it’s quite reasonable to have a lot of questions regarding the procedure, the renovation, and any potential problems. Although there are many different types of projects, there are several queries that homeowners frequently have in common. Whether you’re installing a new countertop or giving your entire renovation a makeover, being aware of these questions and, more importantly, their answers, can help you be fully ready for the endeavour.

All construction projects frequently take longer than anticipated. Planning ahead and leaving enough of buffer time will prevent you from being frustrated if your project takes longer than expected to complete. For instance, the majority of bathroom remodels are finished in one month on average. But there are a lot of variables that can affect this. The major factors in a long project timetable will be the size of the bathroom and the difficulty of the redesign.

On any home renovation job, though, you should be ready for the unexpected. Before the project starts, you might not be aware of a house’s peculiarities. In fact, there are frequently delays in receiving materials and appliances. So, look at rough budgets for each room you wish to rebuild. Additionally, provide a sizable buffer of time, possibly 25% more. You’ll be pleasantly surprised if you finish your project earlier if you don’t require it.

Finding out how much you will have to spend on the entire project is one of the most difficult aspects of a home renovation. It can be challenging to discover comparable costs to use as an estimate because every house and renovation is unique. Since they are frequently not custom-purchased, some items, such appliances or fittings, are simpler. It is still possible to obtain a precise estimate, even for projects like installing new floors, a roof, tearing down and replacing walls, or decorating.

To acquire the most accurate estimate possible, seasoned home flippers advise bringing in a qualified pair of eyes. A general contractor, for example, would be knowledgeable with price guidelines for various remodelling jobs because of their significant experience remodelling homes. In general, the best way to ensure your price estimate is high enough is to research typical costs for certain components and confer with an expert. But be careful to add some extra reserve funds just in case.

It makes sense to be concerned about the potential mess a renovation job can cause around your home. It’s fair to be concerned about contractors, particularly if you’re investing a lot of money in your home’s improvements. But reputable contractors will follow a responsible cleanup process. In many cases, this is even included in their contract, along with the kinds of devices they might use to move goods and maintain the area’s cleanliness.

Tarps and plastic dividers are typically employed during renovation projects to keep rubbish contained and safeguard the property. There will always be some “mess” after a renovation. Professional contractors, on the other hand, will make sure it is kept to a minimum by cleaning it up as quickly as feasible.

Bulky construction equipment is sometimes the first thing that springs to mind when homeowners worry about a mess on their property during a renovation. However, because they must pay to use and maintain the equipment, contractors won’t employ heavy vehicles and equipment unless they absolutely need to. Backhoes and other large ground-engaging tools are often only required for major improvements, such as when the ground needs to be worked on.

But you may relax knowing that contractors are properly trained to utilise this specialised machinery. The majority of the time, they won’t leave it on your property longer than is strictly necessary. This is true, particularly if they had rented them. But you may always do some research on the exact trucks and items the contractor will be utilising if you have any concerns about them, just so you are aware of what you are agreeing to.

One of the most crucial questions to take into account when organising a house renovation is this one. The reason is that “both” is a frequent response. Depending on the scope of your renovations and your particular insurance company, you might need to notify your insurance provider that you are undertaking renovations. It might be a smart idea even if you are not technically obliged. This might enable your insurance company to cover things like new appliances or effectively raise coverage for a house with an extension.

The contractor should also be covered by their own insurance in addition to yours. Any qualified contractor will have a minimum of liability, workers’ compensation, and property insurance, as well as documentation for each. This also applies to any subcontractors that the general contractor employs.

The restrictions on land development within a specific area are covered by zoning rules. This can sometimes mean that structures cannot be too tall or too close to one another. Various towns have slightly varying zoning regulations, some of which might apply to you. Although your local government won’t usually worry if you rebuild your bathroom, they might need to know in advance if you intend to build an addition or another storey. For instance, zoning regulations frequently specify the minimum distance between a house and a street.

These kinds of regulations must be thoroughly studied and planned for in advance. You might have to wait a while to obtain a building permit. This is crucial if your house meets the criteria to be considered a historically, culturally, or ethnically significant site because in that case, zoning regulations might safeguard both the inside and exterior of your property.

Yes! In general, home improvements are seen as a wise investment for a number of reasons. The first benefit of renovations is an improvement in the general standard of your house, which raises your standard of living. A new roof, for example, will shield your house from the elements and harm. Your family and the items inside are then protected by these.

Depending on the details of your situation, some remodelling projects will pay for themselves more quickly than others. This is especially true if you are thinking of making modifications in order to sell your house. The purpose of this tactic is to obtain a higher selling price. To do this, update important furniture and spaces, especially the kitchen and bathrooms. This strategy can succeed, but to appeal to the greatest number of prospective purchasers, experts urge homeowners to keep with a classic appearance.

However, a home renovation will generally give you an updated living space that matches your tastes and might even be more roomy. Making ensuring you receive the best value for your money at each stage of the process is key to getting a strong return on investment.

Making the house of your dreams

Without moving out, renovations are a terrific way to turn your dream house into a reality. Similar to how it may assist you sell your home for the highest price while giving someone else their ideal residence. The first step to a positive remodelling experience and the home that is ideal for you is navigating the most often asked concerns about renovations.

Please get in touch with us if you need any help with your home’s architectural, structural, or building design needs or if you want to make a few little changes. We supply the whole permission set design for your house improvements.

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