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What Is Spray Foam Insulation?

In a globe exactly where power conservation is so essential, applying spray foam insulation in your home can truly increase your inexperienced reputation. Whether or not you are building a home or your home has been standing for several years, spray foam insulation is a person of the best approaches to help you reduced your vitality expenses.

What does it do?

Spray foam insulation, also identified as SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam), makes use of a polyurethane foam. When the foam is used, it hardens and expands to about 100 moments its authentic volume. It can be made use of to fill areas in partitions and attics and can even be sprayed less than your floor for most insulation. The foam will uncover its way into each individual nook and cranny making an airtight seal, which is a vital home that the other fiberglass insulation technique can not assert.

This sealing impact suggests that the temperature in your home is regulated so that indoor disorders can normally be at ease, no matter what the outdoors earth throws at you. Your home will be heat in the wintertime for the reason that the heat can not escape and interesting in the summer time due to the fact the amazing air is trapped within.

If you want professional assistance, Os Holding is a expert crew of sector experts committed to bringing safer, warmer and greener insulation to the residences of Britain.

What are the benefits of Spray Foam Insulation?

  • The software is a speedy procedure that can frequently be accomplished inside of a working day.
  • It won’t irritate your skin if you touch it, as opposed to fiberglass.
  • It has a higher resistance to warmth move (known as the R-price). In contrast to polyurethane, a much thicker layer of fiberglass is needed to exert the exact same superior resistance.
  • The foam can get into tough-to-reach sites, these types of as between pipes.
  • Your house can boost in value.
  • Environmentally welcoming as it is made up of no ozone-detrimental chemical compounds and calls for much less power to manufacture than fiberglass.
  • Increases structural durability.
  • It offers a fully airtight seal.
  • It prevents bugs and vermin from moving into your home.
  • Flexibility of the foam means it expands and contracts in harmony with your home, removing the risk of gaps and cracks that enable air to escape.
  • The adhesive houses of the foam allow for it to stick to walls etcetera and not crumble like fiberglass. It will previous a lifetime.

At Os Holding we price both the ecosystem and your pocket, which is why we only at any time provide the most power efficient and expense-preserving methods offered. It has been confirmed to lower your energy payments.

Note: Beside using OsHolding as your trusted Builders in Dublin, you can also get benefits from combining House Renovations with Attic Conversion, House Extensions, Kitchen Refurbishments, Bathroom Refurbishment, Painting & Decorating, Floor & Tiling, Bricklaying and House insulation Services. Also you can check our previous works in Gallery & Read about OsHolding Company or Simply contact us.

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This is How we Make Rooms Additional Roomy and Functional –

But excess of motion should be prevented as it lets the dust to probably escape percent of total home price to get first rate returns. Make a list of priorities based mostly on what sells in a kitchen and assure to fulfill them. Devoid of compromising on architecture, decide for simplicity and include some wow features like excess drawers, pull out pantry etcetera. Now just take pleasure in the great cut price been given for the house.

The fastest and the easiest stage to acquire are to continue to keep all doorways and home windows shut primarily though the function is being undertaken. The rooms which do not involve accessibility during construction really should be locked away. This would mitigate the spread of dust and particles in a major way. Another efficient tip to control construction dust is to hold plastic drop cloths known as zipwalls all around the space of renovation.

Note: Beside using OsHolding as your trusted Builders in Dublin, you can also get benefits from combining House Renovations with Attic Conversion, House Extensions, Kitchen Refurbishments, Bathroom Refurbishment, Painting & Decorating, Floor & Tiling, Bricklaying and House insulation Services. Also you can check our previous works in Gallery & Read about OsHolding Company or Simply contact us.

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Ecological adaptable wall tiles – Os Keeping Dublin

If you’re hunting for ecological flexible wall tiles, then we can unquestionably provide you with the finest. At Os Holding Dublin, we give large quality resources in a selection of styles and colours meant to response to your architectural requires.

Our products and solutions are remarkably resistant in both high-quality and color. They present more security to fitted construction features and make sure a reduction in the temperature variation of your indoor area.

Adaptable wall tiles are a mixture of normal grains in an acrylic dispersion which had been baked in a exclusive oven. The tiles have random variable measurements that faithfully relay a stone visual appeal.

The lower weight of the items will make them suitable for remaining equipped at any offered altitude, and their substantial malleability will make them perfect to be positioned on edges and even curved surfaces.

They have a thickness of 3-4mm and can be successfully utilized for inside and exterior finishes or protection on structures of various use, these kinds of as: residences, motels, cellars or any other mineral-primarily based surface area.

Our ecological adaptable wall tiles are also non-poisonous and fireproof. Immediately after the drying of the adhesive, the surface area shows excellent resistance to abrasion, floor scratching and is washable underneath a water jet.

The drying time is of a utmost of 24 hours and the surface area is washable soon after 5 times considering that the montage.

We offer warranty for equally the ordered items and the workmanship if you choose to have our team do the fitting. Our skilled experts will make absolutely sure to respect all the procedures so that you can enjoy your attractive wall complete for a extensive time to occur. For extra facts, give us a phone .

Note: Beside using OsHolding as your trusted Builders in Dublin, you can also get benefits from combining House Renovations with Attic Conversion, House Extensions, Kitchen Refurbishments, Bathroom Refurbishment, Painting & Decorating, Floor & Tiling, Bricklaying and House insulation Services. Also you can check our previous works in Gallery & Read about OsHolding Company or Simply contact us.

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7 Faults you May Make Through The Kitchen Refurbishment Undertaking

The structure of our kitchen is basic, so you need to generate a enjoyable environment, in particular if you are the a single in cost of cooking.

The real truth is that it is pretty widespread to make errors when starting up a kitchen refurbishment project. You may possibly make issues, primarily when you acquire care of the design you and do not have the needed knowledge.

Nevertheless, we will clearly show you the 7 most prevalent faults in the kitchen refurbishment venture. This will permit you to continue to keep an eye out for them and keep away from them at all expenditures. This way, you will get that fantastic kitchen that you want so a great deal.

Deciding on the inadequate format

Creating or redesigning a kitchen might seem basic to you, but the truth of the matter is that several fail at this position. Hence, you should appear just after the refurbishment venture. You also ought to define the areas to organise the distribution of your kitchen proficiently.

Preferably, you really should make a triangle involving the kitchen, cleaning, and storage parts. In this way, circulation in the kitchen will be substantially enhanced.

Kitchen appliances at the improper peak

A single of the major faults when refurbishing a kitchen is placing the appliances at an unfavourable height. It is a failure both of those to area the appliances much too large and, on the opposite, much too minimal. For that reason, it is favourable to spot it at the proper top.

Preferably, they ought to be quick to entry and have them all near at hand. Aim on all the appliances you will incorporate in your kitchen and assume about their ideal location. This is a major factor that will make you really feel a great deal more at ease cooking.

Air flow

Air flow in a kitchen is important. Possessing adequate air flow will enable purely natural mild to enter, and most importantly, odours can escape.

However, it is correct that this is not always attainable, so if you obtain on your own in this situation it is crucial that you have an extractor hood. Be certain it is correctly set up to take out smoke and odours from your home appropriately.

Use all the space

Yet another slip-up when building and refurbishing a kitchen is to use the house incorrectly. For instance, corners are intricate spots, but you have to try out to just take edge of them to keep away from getting rid of an inch. It can be incredibly simple to put in a cupboard with rotating shelves in these scenarios.

So, the kitchen design and style you decide on ought to use all the readily available place without the need of overloading it.

Insufficient light

The deficiency of light-weight is one of the errors when planning and refurbishing a kitchen that you need to prevent at all charges. Mild is very important for the design to glimpse fantastic and produce a warm and nice ecosystem and for cooking. Bear in mind that the brighter your kitchen is, the extra pleasurable it will be to be in it.

Also, it is very significant that the switches are in a appropriate and easily available place.

Inadequate place on the counter

The kitchen is a workplace, so it should have adequate house for you to have out your jobs easily.

When planning a kitchen, one of the main issues is not leaving plenty of space for the countertop and reloading it with appliances and decoration. In addition to that, occasionally, the design of the kitchen itself leaves the countertop with minimal house.

Try to remember, this is something you should stay clear of at all charges.

Pick out a incorrect sink

In many kitchen types, the sink is the principal matter mainly because it is 1 of the most noticeable parts. So, when picking out it, make confident it is the best one.

Ideally, it must be wide, among 160 and 200 mm deep, which is ideal for it to be at ease and functional.

Os Keeping – A Trusted Alternative That Inspires YouIf you want inspiration for your kitchen’s new style and design, turning your head to Os Holding is an outstanding thought. For this, you have our most effective service for kitchen refurbishment in DublinIn this article, we have inside style and design experts and architects who will provide you properly and help you not be uncovered to faults outlined in this blog site.

Note: Beside using OsHolding as your trusted Builders in Dublin, you can also get benefits from combining House Renovations with Attic Conversion, House Extensions, Kitchen Refurbishments, Bathroom Refurbishment, Painting & Decorating, Floor & Tiling, Bricklaying and House insulation Services. Also you can check our previous works in Gallery & Read about OsHolding Company or Simply contact us.

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Loft Extension: Planning Authorization, Design and style, Tips, Price

Loft Extension Concepts

Do you consider a loft extension could gain you? Os Holding are here to assist.

We specialise in planning beautiful loft extensions for properties at the finest selling prices. Allow us know what your desires and requirements are, and we design a blueprint that is effective for you. Based on your home and what you are on the lookout for, there are a number of distinctive loft extensions selections to decide on from.

Just one that a lot of homes make your mind up on is dormer loft extensions. A dormer loft extension is an possibility that boosts the amount of money of headroom and flooring house in your loft.

How Significantly Does A Loft Extension Expense In The Ireland?

Our gurus specialise in coming up with loft extensions to insert an more space into your home. Not only does it improve room, but it will also increase the worth of the assets. Our services contain almost everything from the loft extension stairs to the loft extension home windows, permit us know what your aspiration loft extension is made up of, and we will style and design a little something to suit you.

With a lot of years’ knowledge in producing remarkable loft extensions, we can give you with our very best expertise and guidance on all the things from the first design to the remaining aspects. We want the loft extension to make everyday living much easier for you and your family. Talk about with our crew today and enable us know what your great loft extension is.

 You might be wondering how high priced it could be. Fear not. Os Holding features entire support at a fantastic value with no hidden or unforeseen costs. Our workforce of gurus will do the job efficiently to get your loft extension done as shortly as achievable.

If you would like to know a lot more about our loft extension price or to come across out what we can do for you, make contact with our crew nowadays.

Your Loft Conversion Or Extension Industry experts

Regardless of whether you know specifically what you are hunting for or need assistance in deciding what is finest for your home, get in touch with us or get in touch with on 01 524 1644 now. Our friendly, trusted and economical authorities have an understanding of the process from the first developing to the last installation. Permit us get your loft extension up in no time.

Note: Beside using OsHolding as your trusted Builders in Dublin, you can also get benefits from combining House Renovations with Attic Conversion, House Extensions, Kitchen Refurbishments, Bathroom Refurbishment, Painting & Decorating, Floor & Tiling, Bricklaying and House insulation Services. Also you can check our previous works in Gallery & Read about OsHolding Company or Simply contact us.

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How To Preserve Your Loft Warm In Wintertime

When that freezing winter season weather commences to creep in, your loft conversion is commonly the initially home to really feel the chill. Supplied that the whole thought of loft conversions is to transform dead house into a useable place that you can use to unwind, snooze, or work, it’s crucial to hold your loft heat in the wintertime to hold it habitable.

Thankfully, there are some straightforward techniques to continue to keep your loft conversion heat with no breaking the financial institution or contacting the professionals in for building and architectural services. Regardless of whether you currently have an current loft or are scheduling a brand name new loft conversion more than the winter months, listed here are our 5 top tips for how to maintain your loft warm in winter.


Lofts shed all-around 30% of a home’s complete warmth via the roof. That is a whole lot of heat decline, but insulation is a simple way to minimise this warmth dropped and hold your loft cosy and toasty during the winter. The most practical time to install loft insulation is during the loft conversion method. Doing so means you do not have to knock through any present partitions or ceilings to match your loft insulation. Loft insulation can preserve you up to £315 a calendar year off your vitality bills and can also increase close to 10-15% to the price of your home, so it pays for alone!

There are distinct styles of loft insulation possibilities readily available with just about every their pros and cons, based on your unique loft room. These include things like blanket, loose-fill, sheet, and blown-fibre insulation.

Blanket insulation is a affordable, all-purpose solution that is uncomplicated to set up it’s just not fantastic for insulating your roof.
Sheet insulation is a really helpful but pricey option.
Loose-fill insulation is a wonderful way to raise the retention of warmth as a leading-up to an current insulation process.
Blown-fibre insulation is a excellent preference for tricky-to-reach locations, nonetheless is is not best for a complete loft by alone.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a excellent space-saving solution that can keep your loft at a enjoyable temperature in the winter months. Heat rises, so owning your warmth supply equipped underneath your loft flooring usually means evenly dispersed heat for lengthy durations. And mainly because it can be mounted independently from your central heating, your expenditures will not increase together with the heat! Underfloor heating pumps incredibly hot water via pipes underneath your flooring. Acquiring it set up all over a complete home is typically observed as an extremely highly-priced selection but can be shockingly inexpensive when made use of in a single area these as your loft. There are also underfloor heating mats readily available that can be installed promptly and simply without more building perform and charges.


Installing a radiator into your winter season loft conversion is a reliable and conventional heating approach. A radiator is an productive way to enable your loft remain toasty when it is chilly outdoors and can generally operate off your central heating system much too. Even so, your current central heating may perhaps not be highly effective sufficient to heat the added room sufficiently and you may require to commit in an extra boiler, which isn’t the cheapest alternative. Common radiators aren’t ordinarily the very best-searching addition to a loft, but currently, quite a few contemporary and trim possibilities are offered. They’re not just discreet and classy but take up significantly less house too. Heated towel rails are a fantastic possibility way too if your loft includes a bathroom (heating the loft as a side effect of warming up your towels).

If you don’t want any further set up expenditures, never forget there are also portable electric powered radiators to take into consideration. These can make it possible for your loft extension to stay warm in the winter when mounted onto a wall or fully freestanding. You can set their temperature independently from your central heating, so you are not wasting cash heating the rooms in your home that aren’t in use.

Window Dressings

Windows can account for around 18% of the total heat loss in your home, and your loft area is no distinctive. If you have not however converted your loft, look at triple-glazed home windows that can minimise warmth reduction and maintain your loft insulated. Check out installing windows where they capture as a great deal natural sunlight as probable, which can economically heat your lift!

If you have a pre-present loft conversion, dressing your home windows is a very simple still economical way of holding your loft warm this winter season. Thick curtains and window dressings can act as insulation when drawn and permit the warmth in when open up. Blinds enable you regulate light amounts as perfectly as heat, when automatic blinds can be set to open up and shut alongside with the mounting and setting of the sun.


Our final tip to continue to keep your loft cosy this wintertime is most likely the easiest! Adding woollen throws, blankets, cushions, and rugs to your loft can aid maintain it cosy and inviting. Exploration has demonstrated that owning your walls painted with warm tones of reds, oranges, or yellows can even invoke emotions of warmth that can make you feel hotter!

Now that you have study about our top strategies for trying to keep your loft warm in the winter months, we hope that you fully grasp the various possibilities accessible and which could be most effective for you. If you’re however uncertain about just about anything we have coated, we at The Market place Layout & Build can enable! We’re just a click on or a get in touch with absent if you have any questions about retaining coronary heart in your loft all through the wintertime. Alternatively, if you need to find strategies to awesome your loft in the summer time months, check out our How to Retain Your Loft Conversion Interesting This Summer months posting.

Note: Beside using OsHolding as your trusted Builders in Dublin, you can also get benefits from combining House Renovations with Attic Conversion, House Extensions, Kitchen Refurbishments, Bathroom Refurbishment, Painting & Decorating, Floor & Tiling, Bricklaying and House insulation Services. Also you can check our previous works in Gallery & Read about OsHolding Company or Simply contact us.

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How to Create A Home Office Loft Conversion

home office space in an L shaped dormer loft conversion in Lewisham South East London, SE

If you’re considering a home office loft conversion to create a private, personalised space to work at home from, then you’re in right the place.

The onset of Coronavirus has led to a huge increase in home working, with lots of us setting up makeshift offices in kitchens, bedrooms and under-stair nooks. But with the shift to remote working set to continue, converting your loft is the ideal solution for creating a quiet, comfortable workspace.

Here we outline the benefits of having a home office loft conversion, things to consider before going ahead, and ideas for your dream home office layout.

What are the benefits of a home office loft conversion?

Turning a loft into a multi-functional home office offers several lifestyle and financial benefits, including:

  • Providing a private, dedicated office away from distractions
  • Turning dead loft space into desirable living space, increasing the value of your home
  • Creating extra square footage – converting your loft means there is often room to accommodate not only a home office but an additional bedroom and en suite

How much extra space can you get with a home office loft conversion?

This depends on the size of your current loft space, roof structure and where the loft staircase can be located.

To give a broad estimate, a small office loft conversion in a two-bedroom property can add 200 square foot of space, whereas a large office loft conversion in a three-bedroom property can create over 400 square feet, essentially adding an entire new floor.

What are the different types of home office loft conversion?

The type of office loft conversion you can acquire depends on your existing roof structure and property position.

There are four main types: First-Fix loft conversion, Dormer loft conversion, Mansard loft conversion and Hip to Gable loft conversion.

First- Fix Loft Conversion

Also known as a Shell Loft Conversion, this is the cheapest way to achieve a home working space. Here, a loft company undertake all the major planning and structural work.

For example, at Absolute Lofts we carry out the design process and aspects such as installing floor joists, altering the roof structure, and adding loft windows, doors and a staircase.

The project is then handed back to you complete. It’s the ideal option if you’re on a modest budget or are keen DIY-er.

Dormer Loft Conversion

A Dormer loft conversion will create a substantial home office, with room for other amenities, such as bedroom and en suite.

It involves building a box shaped extension into the existing sloped roof. This adds generous headroom and solid room proportions with vertical walls and horizontal ceilings. Unlike loft conversions which retain slanting walls, desks and shelves can sit flush against straight walls, maximising space.

The windows within the Dormer often house large windows, including floor to ceiling windows, bi-fold or French doors allowing plenty of natural light and giving amazing outdoor views – perfect for when you want to relax and take a breather.

Mansard Loft Conversion

Like a Dormer, a Mansard loft conversion delivers a considerable amount of extra space. Constructed in a similar fashion to a Dormer, the main difference is that face of the Mansard is slightly sloping, helping soften its external appearance.

A Mansard interior offers up an impressive amount of internal space. Depending on the size of the property, Mansards often have capacity for a home study, an extra bedroom and bathroom.

The grey tile exterior of this Mansard conversion blends beautifully with the existing home

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion    

A Hip to Gable loft conversion is suitable for hipped roof homes with slopes on all four sides.

To gain adequate head room, a hipped roof section is removed and replaced with a triangular shaped gable wall. To enlarge the space even further, a flat-roof Dormer can be added too.

A Hip to Gable and Dormer combination will create a seriously spacious home office with room for at least two desks and acres of storage. With room to spare, it is often possible to add a bedroom and cosy bathroom.

Is my home suitable for an office loft conversion?

The first question to ask is, is it a suitable height?

Measure the distance from the loft floor to the ridge beam. To create an office that feels light and airy, the ideal height is 2.2 metres+. This means once the flooring and ceiling are in place, you will have a ceiling height of around 2 meters.

The other key factor is the staircase height. Current building regulations require a minimum of 1.9 meters headroom height in the middle of the staircase.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the necessary height, it is often possible to achieve it by lowering the ceiling joists of the floor below or other structural engineering solution.

I live in a modern home with a truss roof, can I have an office loft conversion?

While the proportions of older Dublin Victorian or Georgian terraces or semi-detached properties lend themselves well to loft conversions, it is also possible to convert attics in modern post 1960s homes and new builds.

Construction involves removing the ‘W’ shaped fink trusses in the roof void, opening the space up, and reinforcing the joists to support the weight.

To check your home’s suitability, get in touch.

How much does a home office loft conversion cost in 2021?

The cost of an office loft conversion depends on a variety of factors, such as the type of conversion, the size of the roof space, how many rooms the design involves, and the level of internal finishing.

To give an indication, a Dormer loft conversion in 2021 starts from £35,000, while a Mansard starts around £38,000. A Hip to Gable, which is a more complex build, starts at approximately £45,000.

If an office loft conversion costs several thousands, wouldn’t it be better to just buy a garden office?

While this is tempting in the short-term, the cost of a high-spec garden office (up to £30k), rivals the cost of full Dormer loft (£35K+), while a First-Fix conversion is significantly less.

Additional pros and cons to consider include:

  • Converting the loft opens the possibility of not just a home office but a further bedroom and en suite, increasing the home’s value. Latest figures show that adding a loft extension of this kind increases a home’s value by 20%.

An uplift of this percentage will comfortably cover the cost of doing the conversion if you decide to sell.

  • Unlike a garden office, which is a single-purpose outdoor building, a loft office conversion can double as a comfy guest bedroom, games room or child’s bedroom – giving you room to grow.
  • An integral part of the home, a loft office has comfy flooring, heating and lighting, plus a toilet and kitchen nearby. Trudging up and down the garden in all weathers to grab a cuppa or answer the door is less appealing and eats into productivity.
  • If a garden office is left vacant even for a few weeks, deterioration can set in quickly. Regular maintenance of roof and timbers is needed to keep it in tip top condition.
  • Unlike a loft office tucked away on the top floor, a garden office takes up otherwise useable garden space and, due to its construction, can be vulnerable to break-ins.
  • As a garden office is a totally separate structure, the cost of heating a secondary building can soon add up. Furthermore, as a loft conversion is part of your main property this comes with additional security benefits (useful if you work on high value laptops or desktops) which a separate outbuilding may not benefit from.

Will I need planning permission for an office loft conversion?

Most loft conversions fall under permitted development rights, as such planning permission isn’t usually required.

Circumstances where permission might be needed is if your new loft will exceed 50 cubic meters or you live in a conservation area or listed building. Our loft conversion specialists will be able to advise you if planning is required and can help you submit the appropriate application.

Regardless of planning permission, the loft conversion will need to meet latest building regulations. These cover a host of structural details, such as structural stability, fire safety – providing an escape route and fire alarms, suitable stairs accessing the loft, and sound insulation.

Again, our expert loft team will take necessary steps to ensure a safe, fully regulation compliant new loft space.

How do I design a home office loft conversion?

This is the exciting part! Once you’ve established suitability for a loft office then it’s time to plan the best use of space.

Depending on your end goal, think about how much space you have to play with and layout possibilities.

Do you want to dedicate the entire space to a stylish home working environment? Or are you looking to maximise your investment by adding a bedroom and bathroom too?

Whether you’re planning a big or bijou loft office, here are key design considerations:

  • Office furniture – what items do you want to make space for? A desk, office chair, monitor, printer, storage and shelves?
  • Comfort – having an en suite on the same floor makes taking comfort breaks easy and relieves pressure (and queues!) for the main bathroom. You could even install a compact kitchen so you don’t have to go downstairs.
  • View – what do you want to see while you work? Consider factors such as window placement and where the light will fall. Do you want a direct outside view from your desk?
  • Light – a loft home office should be bright and airy. Think about ways to introduce light and airflow, such as a having a central skylight, over-sized windows or bi-fold doors.
  • Features – lofts, especially in older homes. are full of rafters, beams and nooks which add visual interest, think about ways of integrating these into the scheme. Can you leave an exposed wooden beam for character?
  • Storage – Most homes have pitched roofs creating handy spaces under the eaves. Think about how to use these areas effectively. For example, constructing low level storage cupboards or recessed shelves to keep the space calm and clutter free.

Looking for loft home office ideas? Here are some recent conversion projects we’ve developed.

Keen for a productive, stylish workspace, we created an L-shaped Dormer office loft conversion in this home in South East Dublin. A custom-created feature window overlooking the garden makes a stunning focal point and lets in plenty of natural light, making an idyllic work from home setting.

This loft home office’s large feature window makes a great focal point

This Dormer office loft conversion in Walthamstow, East Dublin allowed for a large-scale loft conversion comprising an office space, music room and chill out area. The French doors and glass Juliet balcony let ample natural light in.

A light, airy office loft conversion with French doors

Spending more time working from home, our busy client wanted a spacious, separate place to focus. We added a generous Dormer office loft conversion to this modern Beckton home, in East Dublin. The build created a smart home study – the desk and PC sitting snugly in the eaves – with a super-sized TV screen for playing games. The loft extension also allowed for an extra children’s bedroom and full-sized family bathroom.

This multi-use loft office is also a games room and music room

Not all home office loft conversions have to have to be cavernous, this Dormer office loft conversion in Poplar, East Dublin is a great example of a cosy working space. A large roof light illuminates the room while rustic real wood flooring adds character and warmth.

Create a characterful loft home office with real wood flooring

Ready to transform your loft to get the home working life you crave? Absolute Lofts are the industry experts, having over 35 years of designing and delivering exquisite loft conversions across Dublin and South East. Contact us today to arrange a free, no obligation site survey.

Note: Beside using OsHolding as your trusted Builders in Dublin, you can also get benefits from combining House Renovations with Attic Conversion, House Extensions, Kitchen Refurbishments, Bathroom Refurbishment, Painting & Decorating, Floor & Tiling, Bricklaying and House insulation Services. Also you can check our previous works in Gallery & Read about OsHolding Company or Simply contact us.

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Loft Conversion Offices – Your Top Floor Hideaway

More and more of us are now working from home, which means we need a space to call our office. While some may already have space to spare in their home, many people don’t have this luxury. They find themselves turning their dining room table into a desk, or perhaps even worse, hiding away in a corner that is not helping their creativity and productivity flow.

Rather than just having to put up with it, there is good news for those looking for more space in their home to work in, and you need to look above you to the loft.

Lofts or empty attics are the ideal space to convert into a home office, and they have lots of hidden benefits that you may not even realise. Want to know more? Here are the main points to consider for your top floor hideaway.

You won’t be easily distracted by the rest of the house

One common issue people have when they work from home is that they get easily distracted by the other things around them. Things such as the housework or perhaps the lure of the sofa and Netflix. Being able to have a space away from the rest of the house by having a loft conversion, means that you will be able to concentrate on the work you have to do and nothing else that is going on around the house.

Work is tucked away when you need to switch off

Not only can you be distracted by home whilst you are at work, but having a home office means that you are likely to be distracted by work when you are at home. Being able to hide your work world away in your very own loft conversion means that you will find it much easier to switch off.

Sure, if there is something that needs to be done in an emergency, then you can quickly get to your computer and other things you may need. But, the rest of the time, you can simply focus on relaxing and spending time with those that are most important to you.

It is an excellent use of “wasted space”

The problem with lofts is that they can often feel like a wasted space in your home and end up mostly being used for storage. This is primarily because you are simply not using them the best that you can. When you convert a loft into a home office, you are making use of this “wasted space”. It has a purpose, which is going to make you feel a whole lot better about that part of your home.

Thanks to the pandemic, flexible working and working from home is definitely the future of how we will get our work done. So, if it looks likely that this will be something that you are regularly doing, then make sure that you have a dedicated and appropriate space that you can focus on and that you can get your work finished.

Then all you need to do is get downstairs, and you can start to relax.

Os Holding is a leading provider of loft conversions in and across Dublin and the West Midlands.  Contact our friendly team today to discuss how you can make the most of your loft space.

ShaNote: Beside using OsHolding as your trusted Builders in Dublin, you can also get benefits from combining House Renovations with Attic Conversion, House Extensions, Kitchen Refurbishments, Bathroom Refurbishment, Painting & Decorating, Floor & Tiling, Bricklaying and House insulation Services. Also you can check our previous works in Gallery & Read about OsHolding Company or Simply contact us.